Social Media Marketing Services

If your business is lacking representation on social media platforms, it is overlooking a huge market and ultimately taking a loss in the amount of exposure it could be receiving. Nearly 75% of Facebook users and 50% of Instagram users use the sites every day. Over 79% of Americans are using Facebook alone. Social media offers the chance to reach a vast market in a very substantial way. Along with building brand, businesses can connect with potential customers and engage their audience directly. Facebook ads offer a new avenue for paid marketing along with Google PPC. Social media presence also heavily factors into how well their corresponding website ranks on Google.

There’s plenty of reasons social media marketing (SMM) deserves a place in any businesses overall marketing strategy. A social media marketing agency such as, Modern Day Digital, can help a business hone their strategy and manage their online presence for optimal results.

How Does Social Media Marketing Work?

Social marketing is the process of gaining attention and traffic through social media sites. Search engines and social media websites are more closely related than one may think. Social media often allows users to discover new content, including news and products, and can also be used to build links that support a website’s SEO efforts. Each social media site operates differently, which means each requires a different approach for success.

According to a recent study, Facebook influences online and offline purchases for 52% of consumers. This demonstrates just how important this channel can be for retailers and e-commerce businesses.

A Facebook Page can make a business vastly easier to discover and it creates a social hub for the business’ audience. A page will allow any business to build their brand and share relevant information with customers. Through Modern Day Digital’s social media marketing services, businesses will have access to Facebook advertising as well. Facebook Ads combined with consistent, quality posts are a proven strategy utilized by our agency to boost our client’s exposure.

While many do not think of YouTube as a social media network, it has many of the same features. YouTube is designed for posting content that others can react to and share. Video marketing is a powerful tool Modern Day Digital uses that can increase our client’s search engine rankings and share their message to the digital world. 

While Google+ is only minimally used by consumers, it plays a role in a business organization’s Google search rankings. Modern Day Digital configures this platform correctly and efficiently so as to boost organic rankings and help consumers find our clients.

Twitter is an ideal platform to connect with customers in real time. We work with organizations that incorporate Twitter into their business to provide updates, product releases, promotions, and more. It is also the most popular channel for customer service.

Instagram and Pinterest are both valid options if your business offers something visual since both are image-based social platforms. Pinterest however, has a much larger base of women; this is important if a business aims to tap into a strong female audience.

Why Use Social Media Marketing?

Not sure if social media marketing services are worth the cost? SMM offers many benefits, regardless of business goals. Social marketing can help a business boost brand recognition, increase conversion rates, and boost sales — all with a high ROI.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming social media is a passing fad. Social networking isn’t going anywhere, and many industries are only now beginning to unlock its potential. Here’s how Modern Day Digital’s social media marketing strategy can be put to work for you.

You already know how important brand is for business. Social media is a cost-effective way to promote brand; a thoughtful social media strategy can increase brand recognition in many ways. Social media services provided by Modern Day Digital allows its clients to engage their audience, respond to complaints, and more.

Along with improving awareness of brand, social media can also help manage reputation. Remember that social media users constantly communicate about businesses online, regardless of whether the business is active on the platform or not. Engaging on these platforms allows businesses to monitor mentions of their brand to respond to issues and complaints on a regular basis. 

Social media platforms have a great deal of information about its users. This means their advertising platforms offer in-depth targeting. Facebook advertising delivered by Modern Day Digital allows our client’s to target users based on location, interests, and more.

Social media platforms offer a new gateway to websites every time engaging content is posted. By syndicating content on various platforms, users increase the amount of organic traffic to their business. A strong social media presence also supports solid search engine rankings. Modern Day Digital understands that search engine rankings should be the primary source of traffic.

Modern Day Digital’s Social media services has the power to drive traffic to a website by:

  • Engaging consumers with useful content
  • Connecting with an audience
  • Gaining feedback to adjust the marketing strategy
  • Ensuring brand is in front of more potential customers
  • Increasing brand loyalty and customer retention
  • Gaining credibility

Once involved in SMM strategy, Modern Day Digital will boost awareness of a business to gain more chances to convert visitors. Every video, comment, image, and post may lead traffic to the website. One of the most important social media marketing benefits is it makes our business seem more organic and natural in the social media realm. This can also improve the impression consumers have of individual brands to boost conversion rates.

Nearly 85% of all online social media orders come from Facebook. Instagram however, generates higher average orders of $66.75 versus $55 through Facebook. Video content generates an average conversion rate of 1.16% yet Facebook boasts 1.85% conversion. Modern Day Digital can help businesses choose the best platforms based on their specific industry. For example, services perform best on YouTube with conversion rates of 36% to 47%. Collectibles have a huge 74% conversion rate on Pinterest.

Social media may be the most cost-effective form of marketing available. Modern Day Digital can set up social media profiles for our business clients for free! Paid social advertising tends to be low cost compared to other options out there. 

There are countless benefits businesses may enjoy from a thoughtful SMM campaign delivered by Modern Day Digital. Here are some other perks to consider.
  • Marketplace insight
  • Brand loyalty
  • Better customer satisfaction
  • Engage your audience
  • Better search engine rankings
  • Employee engagement
  • Easy form of content distribution, including user-generated content
  • Humanize the company through developing a organic culture
  • Reduce marketing expenses
  • Track competitors
  • Leverage the audience of others
  • Rank social profiles on Google for reputation management

Social Media Management

Unlike SEO, social media marketing cannot have a “set it and forget it” approach. Our social media specialists use monitored metrics to deliver the content, interaction, and info our client’s customers want. Effective social marketing requires not only quality content and interaction, but timing. Certain times and days of the week lead to more impressions and clicks than other times.

Don’t have the time or experience to manage your company’s social media accounts? Modern Day Digital is the solution to your social media woes and worries. When comparing social media marketing companies, it pays to consider just how much they are willing to do. Our social media marketing services include:

Regardless of a business’ main goals, social media marketing has a place in every business marketing plan. SMM can help drive traffic and sales, manage reputation, and more. Modern Day Digital can help businesses unlock the potential of social media. Contact us today to learn more.