We are contractors helping contractors.

In 2019, we helped contractors....

achieve predictable revenue growth...

by driving in potential sales opportunities.

2019 Total Phone Calls Generated

These 11,290 phone calls don't just represent tens of millions of dollars worth of new business, it also represents:

  • The overworked small business owner finally getting to spend his extra time with his family.
  • The new business launch being able to build a sustainable business within its community.
  • The business owner who was going to sell all of his equipment getting the success he’s always dreamed of.
  • Countless families going on vacations for the first time in years because they could now afford to take one.

But, we do not work with just any business owner...

We want dedicated partners who want long-term growth,
like this Georgia based contracting/construction company.

Dedicated partners for long-term growth

*** 5,635 calls from 2015 to 2019… This small business decided to it was time to scale, so they started increasing their operational capacities in 2016 and simply haven’t stopped expanding into other territories.

We want honest businesses that operate with integrity,
like this Georgia based septic service company.

2019 Calls Generated for a GA-Based Septic Company

*** Even though this company is in an industry where seasons often determine customers, they have established a standard of business practices that elevate them above their competitors.

Whether you sell high ticket items,
like this Georgia based roofing company...

2019 Calls Generated for a GA-Based Roofing Company

*** High ticket item + an annual call vol. of 2,702 = massive revenue growth potential

Or you need a high volume of clients,
like this Texas based auto glass company...

2019 Calls Generated for a TX-Based Auto Glass Company

*** Consistent call volume is key for service based companies, and these 2,447 calls helped to fill the books out nicely for this company.

Even if you sell really specific / unique services,
like this Colorado based B2B service company...

2019 Calls Generated for a CO-Based Super Secific Business

*** It can be tough offering really specific / unique services, either B2B or B2C, which is why these 115 additional calls over a six month span was critical in helping this company get established. 

We want to help businesses who:

  • are experienced in their craft
  • maintain excellence in their service(s)
  • hold valid credentials and licenses when required
  • value their customers well
  • have an established sales process
  • are built to handle business growth

So, if you meet the qualifications above, and are interested increasing your revenue growth... You have a decision to make.