In this new era of marketing, the way to reach customers is constantly changing. To communicate, one must acquire customers through new and ever-changing means. One can no longer truly and effectively market to customers through print or even televised media, because the landscape has altered drastically throughout the years.

To reach customers these days, one must advertise in a realm where they can be reached seamlessly. Modern technology and the advent of the smart phone has changed everything for the marketing industry and businesses alike. The world has experienced an exponential pattern of growth with mobile technology within the last ten years, and with that growth a new frontier in customer outreach has revealed itself. If a consumer wants a service in this modern age, they select an online search engine such as Google through the convenience of their phone and viola – instant gratification and results at their fingertips with a simple click to call at the ready. However, if a company or organization doesn’t provide this seamless functionality modern digital consumers depend on, a business will lose potential customers at an alarming rate.


There are numerous statistics out there to show just how many million people use Google to find answers to there questions, products they are shopping for, services they need completed, and businesses in their area every single day. Unless you are paying Google for advertising and your advertising is good, your business will be found in the list of search results under the map portion.

Do you know where your website is listed in the search results for customers looking for your services/products? Statistically speaking, if it is not listed on Page 1, you are missing out on most of the potential customers to whoever is on the first page. The difference between a business struggling to gain new customers and those that are successfully drawing in multiple new customers from being listed on Page 1 is simple: effective digital marketing.

We Deliver Profit Driven Results.

Modern Day Digital is the go-to resource in reaching customers and to assist in growing businesses. We work with business organizations of all sizes and backgrounds to help them gain strides and increase the volume in sales and services. If you are a new or current business owner looking for a personalized marketing team to increase revenue and rocket your business to the next level, Modern Day Digital is here to help.


our process


Develop a Plan

We meet with businesses to develop a tactical plan for online dominance. Our team of digital marketers form a general understanding of the tailored customer audience and the services offered.


Design your Site

We develop a site specifically around a business’ desired goals and limitations; we provide custom web design services by presenting the business and crafting a channel for an audience to be reached.


Get you Online

Upon thorough research and a developed groundwork strategy, a launch package is initiated for businesses to be placed directly in front of the audience that will provide results and meet goals.

Digital Marketing Services

Even if a business has the best product or service, their desired customer base is unavailable if they lack a digital footprint. Our agency can deliver a business right in front of the prospective customers they need for steady growth. Bringing together all the necessary digital services to make a business successful, online presence starts with a well developed website coupled with search engine rankings in mind. Modern Day Digital begins with a personalized and developed search engine optimization campaign to help get businesses in front of the customers that are looking for the services and products they provide. Incorporating key functions to expedite customer attribution through paid campaign management, Modern Day Digital utilizes PPC, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and more to provide growing businesses the necessary digital tools for success.

We provide a full suite of digital marketing services that bond together in unification to allow an organization to meet and surpass its goals in the digital marketplace. Modern Day Digital provides cutting-edge tracking analytics for campaigns and digital marketing strategies so that business owners have a personalized understanding of the cost per client acquisition throughout the entire process.

Web Design Services

With the utilization of our proven digital marketing tools and trained personnel, Modern Day Digital can provide a personalized and professional website curated in a way that prospective customers will appreciate. We meet with business owners and representatives to explore the needs and requirements for web design to develop a plan of implementation for success. Using the most up-to-date technology in web design, Modern Day Digital provides seamless and professional web site that is practical and efficient to navigate, allowing prospective customers the ease of use they are looking for. All our websites are mobile friendly, so customers can interface with web-based content across all their devices.


A website is the front line and commonly the first impression of a business. A successful website provides customers an opportunity to learn, understand, and be involved in a mutually beneficial setting that promotes growth to all parties involved. As a Modern Day Digital client, we want to ensure your business’ website portrays a positive image of you for your customers that is something to be proud of. Utilizing web design utilities and modern customization strategies, we provide our clients a personalized format that allows a marketplace for conversation, available products/services to offer to customers, and a window into the culture of your business. Curating a digital footprint and allowing your business to grow is at the core of Modern Day Digital’s purpose.


Think about this – whether it be a product or service consumers want or need, they will most likely utilize the internet in search of/for it. After the initial search process, consumers are typically prepared to purchase rather immediately. Unlike traditional marketing and advertising where businesses and services appear in the written or conventional form (such as magazines, newspapers, radio, television), digital marketing reaches customers through more intimate and selective channels. People are not typically reading, listening, or watching programs for consumer-based products and services; in a digital landscape however, prospective customers are successfully reached through meticulous and data-driven strategies that encourage consumer spending at a hyper-focused level.


The attrition rate for an organization to be situated in the first pages or even the first spot on Google provides nearly 80% of the business for that market. What does that mean for you and your business? If Modern Day Digital can help drive an organization to the top of its industry in a local area through search engine optimization, it could be a game-changer for the business. In congruence with SEO, our professional content creators can help generate promotions, blog posts, and various channels to communicate a healthy and reliable business culture to loyal and prospective customers.

As a growing marketing agency, Modern Day Digital thrives for gains with any business involved in our digital marketing strategies. With a professional website catered to appear to customers searching for specific products or services, we aim to work with businesses and the flow of their customers to convert lead gains vastly more viable than traditional marketing methods. We place businesses at the forefront of the customers they need, by providing the tools to guide businesses to the top of their industry food chain. In a marketplace loaded full of businesses vying to be the dominant source, Modern Day Digital vows to make every business we collaborate with reach the apex of their industry.


Search Engine Marketing Services

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click, and is referenced in many ways in the digital marketing industry. Some call it PPC marketing, while businesses such as Google simply refer to it as Adwords. Some even use a more refined term like Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to convey this process. No matter what it is referred to as, all these ideas result in the same conceptual understanding: it is simply where an organization pays to be placed on search engines for terms that potential customers are searching for. Advertising on search engines through a professional digital marketing agency like Modern Day Digital can bring any business a solid return on investment. We have extensive knowledge of the different PPC channels we utilize, and can help bring in new customers that will grow a business ten-fold.


So how can these strategies help develop a business? Paying to be placed on the first page of a search engine like Google is the first step in providing businesses an understanding of the type of leads they will get when organically ranked for the different search terms currently being purchased. Businesses begin to receive immediate results through lead generation paired with SEO strategies to allow the website to receive more traffic. Search engine marketing is a valuable tool to use even once ranked because it allows a business to find other search terms that customers are using to find companies in their industry. It is an immediate source of leads that any company can benefit from.


Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing is a much newer concept than that of SEO or SEM. Social media exploded in the early 2000’s when Myspace came on the scene. Since then, social media giants such as Facebook, Instagram, and countless more simmering below the surface are vowing to dominate the industry. These various platforms started out as free services and most remain free to this day. Previously, businesses made profiles and use that to advertise their companies and services for years; as with everything in the digital landscape however, things change quickly. Having a Facebook Business Page is paramount, and not to be overlooked. Facebook in general has now monetized its platform so that for users and business owners to present themselves to their audiences directly, it is not cheap.


There are different ways to advertise on Facebook, as well as scores of other social media channels that are valuable utilities for any business looking to grow. Modern Day Digital has a team of Social Media experts that know how, when, and where to advertise businesses through the channels that provide the most benefit. We utilize various social media platforms to advertise for a wide array of clients, providing a detailed and integral source of advertising to scores of potential audiences. It is critical that any business looking to grow needs to have a dedicated agency like Modern Day Digital to handle these crucial responsibilities, since many organizations these days underutilize and misuse social media – causing businesses valuable time and money with little to show for it.

Our digital marketing specialists have extensive knowledge on an array of social media platforms, the types of ads and offers that work, and the audience knowledge necessary to make social media campaigns successful.

How to Gain Clients

As a business owner, you may be wondering how Modern Day Digital can guarantee the results we offer. Let us let you in on a proprietary secret that a lot of people may not know: there is a blueprint to getting seen online. We have it, and it is the definitive reason keeping organizations from unlocking their potential.

Simple as that. However, if it were as easy as we make it sound, you would not need us. With our dedicated team of professionals constantly working around the clock, we can help businesses get them to where they need to be. As an owner, you are likely busy enough with your organization; that is why this is something you can leave to digital marketing professionals. We all need customers and when we can get you an audience for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods, what is not to love? Contact Modern Day Digital today for a free business consultation and let professionals start getting you more business today!

what our clients think

Taylor Morris
Morris Realty Co, Social Circle, GA
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"Loved working with John and his team! They are attentive, knowledgeable, and a joy to work with!!"
Brian Lott
Advance Septic, Covington, GA
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Modern day Digital was the right choice in marketing and website. They are very friendly and diligent. I started getting jobs from them within a week after using their team.
Vic Muntyan
Noble Cabinets, Conyers, GA
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I am very pleased with the services provided by Modern Day Digital. Professional team with delivering results!
Corey Womack
JACO Contracting, Covington, GA
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Modern Day Digital has been the most beneficial tool that we use at Jaco Contracting. It has increased our volume of sales 30-40% every year the past 3 years and those are exact numbers. They are not just your average marketing company that treats you like a number they actually are involved in your day to day business making sure that every step they take is benefiting you in the best way possible. I will 100% recommend them for any of your marketing services and would be willing to meet with anyone to show how their services have helped grow our business at the rate it has.
Dennie Sifford
Siffords Roofing, Salisbury, NC
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The three months that I've been with John & his Team at Modern Day Digital have been AWESOME. My business has more than doubled itself. I stumbled across these guys when I was just about to quit any & all marketing agencies. Soo glad I gave them a chance. You can't go wrong with these guys I promise.

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